Cancellation & Refund Policy

What happens if you have to cancel or reschedule a booked session?

What if the other person doesn’t come on line or something else goes wrong which prevents you from having your session?

Once a learner books a session with you, you are committed to coming online and expected to start the session at the scheduled time.
You should never be late, or cancel sessions where possible in order to maintain your online reputation and ensure continued business.

You won’t get paid if you cancel sessions.
If as a tutor you cancel or need to reschedule a session you are obligated to message your learner notifying you can’t make the original session and encourage them to schedule another session which matches your availability.


If, as a Tutor, you cancel a confirmed booking, less than 48 hours prior to the booked session you agree that Need a Tutor may request a holding fee from you of $25 before you can continue to be displayed on the Tutor Board™
This is to covers costs associated with further short notice cancellations (48hrs or less). This fee will be requested at the discretion of Need a Tutor.

Cancellations are inconvenient to the learner and will seriously jeopardise your ability to attract future bookings. Tutors who have a high cancellation rate may be deleted from the site at Need a Tutor’s discretion.
If your learner cancels a booked session with less than 48 hours notice you will receive full payment of your advertised price on the Tutor Board™.


If your learner doesn’t enter the session on time, please wait for at least 10 minutes from the scheduled start time before considering a no-show. The other person may be having technical difficulties or just running late. We send reminders to both you and the Learner prior to the session.

If you wait 10 minutes after the scheduled start time and the learner does not show, the session is considered held and you will receive payment.

Tutor Board session pricing:
As a tutor you set your fee* and the Need a Tutor admin team adds a service fee of 20%. This total is then rounded up to the nearest dollar. The fee will pay for technical upgrades, updates on our webpage, security processes, marketing, hosting, maintenance of the site, new and exciting tech innovations.

(*The site will only accept whole numbers when inputting your session fee. No cents.)

You will get paid after the session is completed. This will be determined by your Bank and the online payment service, we release the funds to you as soon as possible.
Need a Tutor will pay the tutor their set fee.
• The learner pays the advertised price on the tutor board.
• Need a Tutor receive the 20% service fee.
• The transaction fee is included in the service fee.

You Can Contact Us Anytime.

We are using the latest peer-to-peer video technology for high-quality learning sessions. However the nature of technology is that from time to time you may experience unexpected technical issues, these are often out of our control. If this happens regularly please let us know so we can help resolve any issues.
If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you via email at
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